Working for the Service


Everyone who works for the Service must be a New Zealand citizen and has to be security cleared ("vetted") to the highest level, as utmost integrity and trustworthiness is required.

The NZSIS is an equal opportunity employer. Staff come from a variety of educational and ethnic backgrounds and have brought to their careers a diverse range of life and work experience.

Core work

The Service is broadly divided into two main areas – Intelligence and Corporate. The Intelligence area undertakes collection, analysis and investigation while the Corporate area provides legal, finance, business analysis, HR and planning functions.

Corporate staff

A variety of roles support the Service’s overall mission and these include:

  • vetting officers
  • generalist support staff, and
  • specialists in areas including information technology, engineering, electronics, finance, or law.

Salary scales and conditions

Salary scales and conditions of service are comparable with other parts of the public service, and a subsidised retirement savings scheme is offered.

Diversity and Inclusion

The NZSIS believes that to succeed against increasingly complex global threats, it must develop a dynamic, agile workforce that reflects diversity in its widest context. That includes, but is not limited to ethnicity, cultural, heritage, gender, age, religion, language skills, differing abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, ideas and perspectives. We also need to ensure that the different perspectives that come with diversity are values and harnessed.

Through diversity and inclusion we gain the varied perspectives needed to tackle complex issues and to come up with innovative solutions.

The NZSIS, in conjunction with the GCSB, is working to implement the agencies joint Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Having a diverse workforce is central to our success and we look forward to the day when we can say we have achieved – He waka eke noa - A canoe which we are all in with no exception.


Increasingly, staff are recruited through:

Career development

Staff are trained for the specific type of work on which they will be employed. The Service runs a comprehensive management training programme and a variety of other general programmes which staff are encouraged to attend. The Service also offers specialist training programmes.