The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Act 1969 provides a legislative basis for the role and functions of the NZSIS, a framework for issuing warrants, imposes reporting requirements on the Service, and addresses administrative matters affecting employment. The Act also establishes the role of the Commissioner of Security Warrants, who considers applications for domestic interception warrants jointly with the Prime Minister.

The Government introduced an amendment bill to Parliament on 6 December 2010, containing proposals to amend the NZSIS Act. Documents associated with the Bill can be accessed from the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Amendment Bill page.

Related legislation

Other legislation directly relevant to the NZSIS includes:


The Intelligence and Security Committee Act 1996 establishes the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) and provides for its functions, including examining the policy, administration, and expenditure of the NZSIS, and considering the Service's Annual Report. The ISC also considers any bill, petition or other matters about the NZSIS referred to it by Parliament, as well as any other matters with security or intelligence implications referred to it by the Prime Minister. It does not consider matters within the jurisdiction of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security or matters that are operationally sensitive.


The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1996 establishes the position of Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security. The Inspector-General can inquire into any matter relating to the legality and propriety of NZSIS activities, and considers complaints by persons adversely affected by the NZSIS. The Inspector-General can initiate inquiries of his motion or at the request of the Prime Minister.

Other legislation

The NZSIS must comply with all New Zealand law, including the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, the Human Rights Act 1993, the Privacy Act 1993, the Official Information Act 1982, the Public Audit Act 2001, and the Public Records Act 2005. These Acts and other applicable legislation can be accessed from the New Zealand legislation website.