Protecting New Zealand from Terrorist Acts

Counter-terrorism is an important part of the Service's security intelligence work. While the terrorist threat to New Zealand is currently assessed as low, terrorism is a growing international problem. This means that New Zealand needs to take the threat seriously.

There are individuals and groups in New Zealand with links to overseas organisations that are committed to acts of terrorism, violence and intimidation. There are extremists who advocate using violence to impress their own political, ethnic or religious viewpoint on others.

It is important that New Zealand is not used as a safe haven from which to plan or facilitate terrorist acts elsewhere.

The Service’s role

The Service collects intelligence related to terrorist actvity and, through its links with other security and intelligence organisations overseas, it monitors as closely as possible the movements of known terrorists around the world.

Also located within the Service is an interdepartmental group, called the Combined Threat Assessment Group (CTAG), whose role is to inform government's risk management processes by providing timely and accurate assessment of terrorist and criminal threats of physical harm to New Zealanders and New Zealand interests.

The Service is represented within CTAG, as are other agencies. These include: