NZSIS accepts Inspector-General's recommendations

25 November 2014

The Director of Security, Rebecca Kitteridge says she accepts all of the recommendations from an inquiry into the release of NZSIS information in July and August 2011.

“We are implementing all of the recommendations as soon as possible,” Ms Kitteridge says.

“In particular, I take my obligation for consultation with the Leader of the Opposition, and the responsibility for political neutrality, extremely seriously. I have personally met with the Leader of the Opposition and with Mr Goff, who was leader at the time, and apologised.

“I have also apologised to the Prime Minister for providing his office with inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information.

“Since 2011, when the events described in the report occurred, there have been several important changes in the way we manage the release of information. These changes will address some of the recommendations and I am confident that we are already in a stronger place than we were in 2011.

“For example, there is now a seconded adviser from the New Zealand Intelligence Community in the Minister’s office. We also work much more closely with GCSB and DPMC in our corporate functions, including consultation and management of Official Information Act requests, and there is central coordination for media interaction.

“There is a question about whether any of the IGIS’s findings should have consequences for current staff, and I have commissioned independent advice on this. I won’t be commenting further on staffing issues.

“I have met with the State Services Commissioner and agreed on our plan to address the report’s recommendations. I have also met with the Office of the Ombudsman to discuss the specific recommendations regarding the OIA.

“I will report on our progress implementing the recommendations publicly.”

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