NZSIS welcomes the Inspector-General’s report

Wednesday 13 December

The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) welcomes the Inspector-General’s report into Officers giving warnings to individuals.

Rebecca Kitteridge, Director-General of Security has welcomed the report, which looks into the use of written documents setting out individuals’ rights and NZSIS’s role and legal powers when issuing warnings.

"The NZSIS is committed to ensuring that the people we engage with know their rights and understand the role we play in keeping New Zealand safe," Ms Kitteridge says.

"Warnings are not given frequently, but they are an important tool that is used by our highly trained NZSIS Officers. The NZSIS does occasionally warn a person against undertaking activity that is of concern and could have serious consequences.

"For example we might warn a person if we were to become aware that the person was considering travelling to a war zone to become a foreign fighter. Other examples include where someone is planning politically motivated violence in another country, or if they are a foreign intelligence agent operating in New Zealand.

"Warnings are an effective way to address this activity within the bounds of the law and make sure people consider the potential consequences of their actions.

"When Officers issue a warning our current processes include active steps to make people aware of who we are, what we do and that talking to us is entirely voluntary."

A copy of the Inspector-General’s full report can be accessed here: