Our work

The NZSIS undertakes a range of functions relevant to New Zealand's security. These include:

  • Collecting, analysing and reporting on intelligence relevant to New Zealand's security
  • Providing protective security services including advice about personnel security, information security, physical security and national security risks
  • Co-operating with the Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Police to facilitate their functions and co-operating with other agencies to respond to an imminent threat to life or safety

In exercising its functions, the NZSIS acts in accordance with the law and human rights obligations, independently and impartially, and in a manner that facilitates democratic oversight.

Transparency Statement

The NZSIS operates under the Intelligence and Security Act 2017, as well as other legislation, such as the Privacy Act 1993.

Our work is also guided by Ministerial Policy Statements, which set out principles that the NZSIS must apply when planning and carrying out activities.  The Intelligence and Security Act 2017 requires that the Minister responsible for the intelligence and security agencies issue Ministerial Policy Statements in relation to the lawful activities of the agencies.

The Intelligence and Security Act 2017 and the current Ministerial Policy Statements can be seen here:


The NZSIS is also guided by oversight from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS).  The IGIS is a statutory officer providing independent external oversight and review of the intelligence and security agencies.  You can find more information on the Office of the IGIS and their role here:


Talking with us

If you are contacted by a NZSIS officer, or you would like to talk with one, here are some frequently asked questions: FAQ Sheet

If an NZSIS officer meets with you to talk, you may be provided an information sheet which would look similar to this one: Example of NZSIS Information sheet

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